Thai marinated meat

Khukhan marinade

Life doesn’t get much easier than this!
If you ask most people to use just one word to describe Thai food I don’t doubt the most popular word would be “spicy”. And yet, there are many dishes in which chillies play no part at all. This is one of them. A version of a marinade that is quite unique to the region in which I grew up, in fact growing up there when I did there were more Khmer (Cambodian) speakers than Thai. I think there are many Cambodian influences going on here and an overwhelming freshness from the herbs and spices involved. This is a great favourite with kids as well as adults!

In Thailand we tend to use chicken or pork for marinades of this type. Here I’ve used some pork shoulder steaks. This will also work well with chicken thighs. In fact if you read the reviews for this on the product page you will find people use this in many different ways including fish. I’ve garnished it with some finely cut kaffir lime leaves, always handy to have a bag in the freezer and if you click the link you can find out where to buy them fresh or frozen. Kaffir Lime Leaves.

Khukhan ingredients

Prick the meat all over with a fork. Simply marinate 500 g of meat with about half the contents of the pouch, leave to marinate for a few hours or overnight in the fridge. You can also drizzle the remaining sauce over the grilled meat or use as a dip or just keep it in the fridge for another go, up to you as there are no hard and fast rules about how you use this marinade.

Pork in marinade

Grill or barbecue the meat on a low heat (fresh ingredients here, you don’t want to char it too much) until done and then slice. You can also serve it with the dip as in the picture. This is a very simple mixture of equal quantities of dark soy sauce and vinegar with some chopped ginger and mild chilli, sweeten with sugar to desired taste.Enjoy!

Khukhan serving presentation 2
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Khukhan marinade


The paste used to make this recipe has become a firm favourite with many customers. Completely mild, surprising considering the region of Thailand from where it comes. Very aromatic with strong lemongrass flavours. This can be used for pork as in this recipe, or as many customers do, with chicken. It’s simplicity in itself. I’ve also included the recipe for the dipping sauce in the picture if you want to spice things up a little.


Units Scale

Dipping sauce.

1 tbsp dark soy sauce.

1 tbsp white vinegar.

1 tsp mild chillies, chopped.

1 tsp ginger

Grilled Pork or Chicken.

1 packet of My Thai Curry Khukhan Marinade.

500 g of Pork shoulder or Chicken if you prefer.


Prick the meat all over with a fork. Use half the packet to marinade the meat and leave for a few hours or overnight in the fridge.

Grill or barbecue the meat on a low heat, you don’t want to char it too much. When ready then slice and you can serve with a dip as in the picture. The remainder of the sauce can be drizzled over the meat when done or you can simply put it in the fridge and save it for another day. Alternatively, you could marinade a whole chicken with this or a kilo of chicken thighs. It’s a very flexible marinade:-)


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